Yacht Vacation in Greece: The positive impact on the local economy.

Sailing can be the perfect way to explore Greece and more specifically the Aegean islands in order to discover all the hidden treasures they have to offer. The Greek archipelago is a particularly attractive playground for all kinds of sailors, with countless secret coves and beaches that are only accessible by boat. A sailing holiday can combine both strolling through the islands and swimming in secluded crystal clear waters.

Our Authentic Yacht Trips and The Code of Ethics

 We, at Jack and Jenny, are committed to providing you the best experience on board but also sharing with you all the tips and the hidden places the Aegean islands have to offer. In order to make this possible we cooperate with local enterprises and experts to keep up to date and to ensure you will get the authentic local experience. Going a step further, we follow our Code of Ethics, stating clearly our vision and mission for we see ourselves as part of a greater team, honoring nature and the Greek Archipelago.

Through our carefully curated concept trips we are trying to achieve a cultural and spiritual fulfillment for our guests. This comes with receiving everything with a sufficiently open mind that will help you experience mutual respect and also learn about the authentic differences between people’s cultures and their diversity.

Integrating local populations

As a local operator we feel an obligation to boost the local economy and give back to the local communities of the islands that we visit in our trips.  We strongly believe that local populations should be associated with the tourism activities and share equitability in the economic, cultural and social benefits they generate.

We always try to engage the local communities in our conceptual sailing trips, when we feel that their skills match our needs and can offer you the best experience. Within our concepts we are trying to integrate local businesses to every extend possible. We aim to maximize the social and economic benefits sailing has to the local communities and minimize as much as possible the negative ones. We are actively achieving this goal by collaborating with Greek charter companies and choose a team of a local skippers, hostesses and crew.

In a Jack and Jenny sailing trip you will try several local dishes cooked with ingredients we bought from the islands we visited. During the curated concept activities, we provide, you might also meet some of the locals that could be your teachers and have the expertise to guide you.

Our Valuable Partners

  • On our Mountain Dash trip we partner with Hellas Canyon, the canyoning experts who bring you up into the lush mountains of Pelion. There, in between the rocky slopes and the lush forest, George Andreou, his partner Evi and his son Orfeas assist you in the most adrenaline-thirst quenching activity of canyoning. George is a highly experienced mountain athlete and climber and was one of the first to establish the sport of canyoning in Greece. Manos and his crew ensure the experience is simultaneously safe and exhilarating.
    In Pelion we also work with Panagiotis Charalambous who is a cycling tour guide from Bike or Hike. He picks our guests up from one spot and brings them on a biking adventure, while the Jack & Jenny crew sails the boat to the pick- up location.

  • On our Mad Dash trip, our friend and Sifnos local Ronia Anastasiadou takes you around to visit some of the island's secrets. From traditional sweet spots to historic landmarks, Rania not only knows Sifnos like the back of her hand, but she is an official guide to the island first and foremost. 
  • On our Star Dash trip, we explore the greek night skies with George Pistikoudis. George is our own on-board astronomer. He sets up his high-tech telescope every night on pre-selected secluded beaches and guides our guests through the wonders of our stellar neighborhood. Each session is accompanied with a tasting of local wines.

  • George Alexiou from Santo Lines is our favourite Santorini local. He shows our guests the best corners to explore on Santorini.
  • Lucas Manalis is our friend as well as the tastemaker behind Sikoinos, Sikinos' delectable wine. His vineyard is perched high in the mountain of Sikinos and from there you can enjoy a sunset that gives the Santorini sunset a run for its money.
  • Marios Zervas is our own diving expert and accompanies us on board on our Inner Blue trips. Marios is a highly experienced and passionate PADI certified diving instructor. After a one week of Inner Blue exploring Greece's most pristine waters, you can have the option to get a PADI certificate according to your diving level.

The positive impacts on local economy

The increasing success of yachting tourism has shown a positive economic impact on coastal regions and provides a substantial contribution to the local economy. Yachting tourism can play a significant role in employment creation, and its sustainable development could help the local economy to recover from the economic depression.

In some cases, like Kalymnos, sea tourism, especially yachting, often represents a rare opportunity. We decided to indulge to the beauties of the island in order to participate in turning around the declining traditional economy of sponges and fishing. Kalymnos has one of the most extraordinary landscapes for climbing with more than 3000 registered routes and a plethora of secluded bays for anchorages.

And this is just a small example. Our itineraries go through the most distant yet charming and authentic islands. Belonging to the so called “Agoni grammi” they are not easily accessible by planes or ferries, providing unique and almost VIP access to the incredible serenity that surrounds them.

Summer can be endless when sailing

As our Code of Ethics states, we support “off-season” activities and trips. We believe that, a more even distribution of holidays should be sought, so as to reduce the toll of touristic activity on the environment and enhance its beneficial impact on the tourism industry and the local economy. We believe that those are the periods where one can appreciate the natural environment to its fullest. Activities like hiking, climbing and biking combined with sailing are actually best experienced under the shade of the extended summer season. Obviously, while admiring nature, our sea-mates get to meet and get involved with the locals and support the local market.

A sailing trip with Jack and Jenny is the perfect way to experience what nature and islands have to offer. What are you waiting for? Choose the trip that suits your needs and sail to tell the story.