Mad Dash

Adventurous Sailing

Mad Dash will sail you away from busy harbours and into the most remote coves. You will experience how it feels riding the waves while trimming your sails for maximum performance in some intense weather conditions.

Mad Dash is a call to the raging elements of summer. Every location is selected for it’s unique remoteness, every crossing for it’s challenge, every experience for you to dream and wonder.

So you've charged downwind harnessing every bit of power from your sails. Your blistered skin shimmers in the sun, the boat’s rocking is embedded in your mind, you are attuned. And then you see it, in a way that only you can comprehend. What was once only a smudge on the horizon is now within your grasp, engulfing all your senses, waiting to be explored.

Get ready to heat up those winches!

Mad Dash Sailing Weeks

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Adventurous Sailing

Mad Dash

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