Star Dash


Have you ever wondered what lies in the vast cosmic dark between the stars? Join us as we venture through sea and space on a journey of science and discovery.

In collaboration with our onboard-astronomer we will set our state of the art telescope on the most remote beaches to explore our celestial neighbors and beyond.

Star Dash Sailing Weeks

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More than plain sailing

Our sailing trips are enriched with activities for a lively experience!
Are you looking for an adventurous experience? Are you thirsty for culture? Are you seeking replenishment or relaxation? Browse through our concepts and take your pick!

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Adventurous Sailing

Mad Dash

Historical Explorations

A Dash of Time

Smooth Cruising


Stay Active

Mountain Dash

Coast to coast Yoga


Climbing Adventures



Star Dash

Sails Only

Lazy Dash

Underwater Adventures

Inner Blue

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