Why sailing in Greece with Jack & Jenny is one of the safest options for the 2020 summer

Sailing is often said to offer a great escape from the frantic, contemporary way of life. It takes you away from the ordinary. Currently, going on your summer holidays while practicing social distancing is not the easiest of tasks. This is a great opportunity to experience something new and choose to sail with Jack & Jenny  for your summer holidays this year. 

A holiday on the sea combines the charm of strolling through traditional villages and swimming in secluded sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. It gives you the opportunity to relax, away from the busy tourist attractions. The ability to cruise through stunning coastal towns, islands and bays you have never heard of before, is the ultimate way to spend quality time with family and friends. Unlike traditional vacations, it offers the seclusion of a yacht, plus new activities to try out and create lasting memories.

How Sailing in Greece with Jack&Jenny can provide you with lots of different and safe experiences

Our love of sailing extends to the inherent cultural and natural beauties Greece has to offer. This is why our trips are tailored with activities ranging from open-air archaeological site visits and nightly astronomy workshops on isolated beaches, to nature-exploring canyoning, rock-climbing, cycling, trail-hiking or desert-beach yoga. Depending on the concept you choose, there are many more activities to try out. Whether you are looking for relaxation or an adrenaline rush, there is a trip ready for you to discover.

With a sailing yacht trip, you can explore the hidden gems of the Greek islands and capture sights otherwise impossible to behold of. Sailing contains everything you could want in a vacation, in one convenient package. There’s so much you can see and do, and every sailing vacation is different. Travelling by sea opens up a world of activities that can fit into your sailing experience. You can explore an island’s secrets, relax alone on a beach, all the while sailing from one beautiful location to the other.

 Nothing beats gazing across the ocean and admiring the stunning scenery of your next destination. From the sea, your dream destination will take on its most impressive form. And from here, you can shape a viewpoint all of your own. From pine-clad mountains to mile-long stretches of white sand, you’ll have it all at your fingertips. 

A concrete example is, how differently you can experience Santorini on a sailing trip. You can watch the sunset from a unique angle, isolated from the rest of the world and have a more wholesome view of the Caldera. You can swim, have brunch next to the volcano and admire its otherworldly cliffs and reefs. You can marvel at the unique terrain morphology of the bizarre coast and beaches. A rainbow of colours, ranging from black lava sand, to Marsian-red volcanic rocks and lunar-white beaches and yellow speckled cliffs, form a rare sight. 

Every approach to each of the islands on our carefully prepared itineraries presents this unique vantage point and heightens your sense of discovery and wonder.

Ask any of our crew and they will tell you the story of the first time they approached Milos, Sifnos, Delos, Koufonisia, Naxos, Polyaigos and the plethora of even more unique tiny deserted islands in between. 

Sail in Greece with J&J and embrace the travellers moto

Our motto is: «Sail to tell the story ». By sharing our own stories with you, and showing how to write your own, we encourage you to be a real traveler and not just a tourist. 

We always choose the most authentic and peaceful locations on our trips in order to create the best experiences for our guests. We go to great lengths to show unknown places to our fellow sailors - instead of crowded and popular islands. Having always preferred more secluded locations, we seek to explore off the beaten track. 

No matter how many times you set sail with us, you will never have the exact same experience. Every trip provides the opportunity to see new undiscovered places. 

You can spend an idle afternoon reading your favourite book while gazing out at the horizon, or take part in exciting activities like swimming, water-skiing, surfing, snorkelling, diving, paddle boarding and windsurfing. You can sail to hidden ancient ruins and secluded coves untouched by anyone else. You can stay for a night in a secluded bay. You can see the sunrise on a refreshing morning swim then have breakfast on board all before the new action-packed day begins. There will be no time wasted sitting inside a hotel room or waiting in line for a taxi, and there will always be something to enjoy.

Measures taken to ensure the safety of our guests

In response to the current global outbreak of COVID-19, Jack&Jenny has introduced measures to ensure that our guests feel safe. Thus, we are taking actions based on our code of ethics in Safety and the guidance of public health experts.

Jack & Jenny, along with its partners have already incorporated best practices and the recommendations of the World Health Organization with regards to interior cleaning procedures for cleaning and disinfection of our fleet. We ensure achieving high standards of hygiene and sanitation, to protect both our guests and crews.

In collaboration with specialized disinfection companies we have adopted all the necessary practices for the disinfection and sanitation of our fleet. 

Similar cleaning and sanitizing procedures are followed in all the bases we operate, such as Alimos Marina, Olympic Marine in Lavrion, Paros Port & Piso Livadi, Lefkada Port & Marina, Skiathos Marina, Kos Marina, as well as transportation for our guests from and to the airport.

Finally, to assist our guests to better adjust their travel plans with confidence, we offer a credit voucher of equal value to the amount paid, which can be used in 2020 and till the next season until 31/12/2021.
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