Mountain Dash

Stay Active in Mt. Pelion

Mountain Dash

Stay Active in Mt. Pelion

Yacht type Monohull

"The mountains, the forest and the sea, render men savage; they develop the fierce, but yet do not destroy the human." - Victor Hugo.

95 million years ago during the last age of the Dinosaurs, the Balkan Peninsula rose from the depths of the Tethys Ocean to form modern day Greece. What once was a seabed of Ammonites and corals now stands high above the waves. Towering above the sea stands Mt. Pelion, home of the Centaurs and ancient Myths.

This week we depart from Skiathos and follow the geolocial journey of central Greece from the bottom of the sea to the highest peaks.

In collaboration with Hellas Canyoning, Bike or Hike and our most trusted Scuba instractor; Marios Zervas, we ascend from the bottom of the sea to the slopes of one of the most iconic mountains of Greece to wash the salt off our skin in natural pools and waterfalls.

Discover the natural beauty within the gorges of Mt. Pelion, dive into crystal clear waters  ride a mountain bike on the most scenic routes along the mountains and paddle your cayak along the wind battered coastlines and sea caves.

The journey's activities are aimed towards beginners, intermediate or advanced Divers and Canyoneers alike. However if you deem yourself an advanced diver you will be required to provide us with the necessary documentation as a proof of your underwater prowess.

Scuba Diving

For this activity we are going to dive in the " Good luck" wreck site. The site is ideal for beginner or advanced scuba divers alike as it extends from the depth of 6 meters up to 20 meters.  " Good Luck" is a motoryacht built in 1917 which ironically sunk in 1975 due to water intake. Despite the crew's best effort to save it, it unfortunately sunk in the shallow waters of the bay. However, it's proximity to the coastline meant that there were no casualties and fortunately for us it sets an ideal diving site with plenty of light and clear waters.

Disclaimer. If you wish to partake in the advanced version of the dive you will be required after your booking to provide us with the necessary certifications as stated in our FAQ

Cycling Our cycling tour starts at Tzasteni, a natural harbor of unique beauty in South Pelion. We will start with our bikes moving to another natural harbor called Alogoporos at the edge of the Pagasiticos Gulf, just across Trikeri Island. Our route will be in asphalt, quiet road and for about 20 kilometers we will enjoy the incredible beauty of the landscape by stopping on wonderful beaches for small breaks.
Canyoning in Mt. Pelion This Adventure will take us at Galanorema Canyon located in the eastern part of Pelion, above Zagora village. The canyon is full of crystal clear lakes and also 5 beautiful waterfalls up to 11m, slides, jumps and wild vegetation.
Skiathos Marina
Check in
16 June 05.00 pm
Check out
23 June 09.00 am
Swimwear, Lots of sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Water resistant jacket and a pair of good walking shoes

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  • Yacht
  • Skipper
  • Hostess
  • Cayoning gear
  • Scuba Diving gear
  • Mountain Bike
  • Cayaks
  • 6 x Breakfast
  • 6 x Lunch
  • 7 x Dinner
  • Mooring fees
  • Fuel
  • Dinghy and outboard
  • Towels & Linen
  • Cleaning fees

Not included

  • Flights & Transfers

Skipper Included

What a magnificent bastard! Where would we be if not for him? The bottom of the sea perhaps.
Included in all of our sailing adventures.

Hostess included

A hostess can be your best friend for the week!
She will take care of you so you can relax, sit back and enjoy your sailing experience.
She will show you around and help any way she can for this trip to become an exceptional adventure!

On this trip let us take good care of you!
Your hostess will be your best friend for the week! She will show you around and help any way she can for this trip to become an exceptional adventure!
Since you will be spending most of your time on board, she will especially be there to tend to your foodie appetite throughout the day. The fully pre-planned tasty menus will include hearty breakfasts, light lunches and delectable sunset dinners.

per person

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