Yoga Yacht trip in Greece: This could be your best vacation ever.

What an original idea one might think. Why yoga and sailing? In this article we explore the added values of combining two activities into one Yacht trip in Greece.

What do Sailing and Yoga have in common?

Ah…. Sailing. The Art of harnessing the wind to travel from one beautiful place to another. Estimating, calculating, using the energy that is offered by nature to venture into the horizon and find a little piece of heaven to plunge into its cooling waters. Every individual day’s travel is a singular journey, where the body travels, and the mind as well. Travelling quietly, with only nature’s sounds surrounding you, you let your mind wander and daydream in the Aegean Sea.

No matter the actual weather conditions you can let your mind wander, free from all the worries you have left behind at the dock of the departure port.

One week of sailing in Greece in the summer could be summed up as: “Wake up, enjoy the energy of life, appreciate the sea, rest, repeat”. When you take time to enjoy the momentum of every little adventure of the every-day on board, then you can appreciate sailing to its fullest. 

The rewards are corporeal as well as mind altering and there is a definitive shift into a better state of wellbeing.

Can you see some parallels with yoga? 

Through the practice of yoga, one is called to appreciate the quieting effect on the mind through the series of practiced asanas (poses) repeated - sometimes - every day. When you practice, or when you meditate you learn to observe your wandering thoughts then reign your focus in. When the mind wanders again, you bring it back again and so on and so forth in a holistic cycle. 

Trusting the process, as well as the practice makes perfect for both yoga and sailing.

Sea, Body and Self - Exploration

As you set yourself on a journey of introspection, you look for the values that bring you clarity and peace within your body and your mind. By coupling yoga with sailing, you experience the purity of sailing with a daily practice among the natural elements on sandy beaches in the Aegean Sea. This can sometimes be a busy day sailing and then a relaxing sunset beach-yoga session, or a chill day at anchor and an energetic flow session the next morning. Yoga and sailing complete each other beautifully in that way. And in both, you learn to be flexible, adapt to change, avoid frustrations and ultimately, enjoy traveling and being. 

Yoga and Sailing Crew

Of course, no holistic experience is complete without a sense of your own small community, and the gathering of the sailing yoga tribe you get to know better day by day on board brings just that. This is a travelling yoga Shala after all!

There are of course your travelling yoga buddies, with whom you share this yachting experience in Greece. There is the on-board yoga instructor who has planned the week’s yoga sessions with us and tunes them according to the needs of every day’s program. There is of course the skipper, leading your little tribe through the winds and to the secret coves of the Aegean Sea. To complete this all-round mind-body nurture-adventure, there is your hostess who concocts delicious meals according to the journeys’ nutritious program. There is one more yogi following us on our yogic and yachting adventures. Watch out for the mascot of this trip, the ever-elusive Captain Meow, the ever smiley yogi-cat. Keep an eye out for him.

The right yacht for Sailing Yoga

At Jack & Jenny we are fortunate to be able to choose the right sailing boats to take on this yoga journey. Yacht features, like a spacious fore- or aft- deck, are required by us for the right on-board experience of yoga, meditation, and one-to-one sessions if offered by the yogi master of the trip.

Are you a Yogi ready to sail off to a new experience?

We have worked with a few yoga teachers whom we trust very dearly, some of whom return every year in the trips offered through our booking system.

If you are a yogi who feels inspired by sailing and would like to bring your own tribe and explore new ways of practice with us, don’t hesitate to send us a message in the e-mail bottle. We love getting to know creative, proactive, daring souls.

What are you waiting for? Join us for a Zen Week in the Cyclades or in the Saronic Gulf, and sail to tell a “Zen”story.