Yacht Vacation in Greece: Why you should rent a yacht with a crew.

Jack & Jenny was born from our passion for sailing and sharing our knowledge. While we all met in the sailing community of Athens, Greece, our common purpose was to not only bring our prospective guests to places we know, but also actually share our passion. For all the technicalities of sailing while creating a unique, exciting and safe experience through our curated sailing concepts.

The experience of sailing for a week with us is packed with discoveries, activities, and happy moments. This is why the practical side of your yacht vacation in Greece should be left to us. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the experience, while being sure you are in good hands. Here is a look at what goes on “behind the scenes” and why you should rent a sailing yacht with a crew.

A Jack & Jenny crew consists of a skipper and a host.

The skipper is your captain! Upon meeting him/her, they will guide you through the itinerary, chat with you about your holiday’s preferences. As the adventure unfolds, he will be the one making the final decisions for eventual changes and actions, always according to the weather on the Aegean Sea. This is because the skipper is first and foremost, the person holding the responsibility for the safety of the boat and everyone’s on it.

A skippers’ core goal is to make sure that all passengers as well as the vessel, are in a safe condition at all times. Upon your arrival on board, he will also brief you on your own safety. He will explain how all passengers can behave and circulate safely and what to do in case of an emergency. On sailing passages, he will make sure everyone is comfortable and keep the best sailing course (trajectory) possible. The captain is a treasure chest of destination knowledge. With his experience, you will be sure that you will enjoy the best possible beaches, docks and bays. Some of the spots you will arrive at, will be secluded coves, where you will most likely be at anchor, or moored on the rocks. These anchorages tend to be very peaceful and enjoyable and you will have the best nights sleep. Making sure of that, in case there is the slightest doubt, your captain might decide to sleep outside in the cockpit, bringing your safety to a whole new level!

It is vital for every guest to understand that if you listen carefully to his advice, and thus do your part to help maintain a safe atmosphere on board. Ultimately you will have a great sailing experience in the Aegean Sea.

He is of course also very savvy about sailing. If you are intrigued about how this whole nautical world works, you only need to ask. He will enjoy sharing easy ways to understand more about the wind, the sails, the yacht and how everything is bound together by a few natural laws of physics. We generally advise our guests who are first time sailors to first observe. Watch the crew’s steering and sail trimming movements so that you first get the feeling of sailing. Then you can try your own hand once you have understood the basics.

No Jack & Jenny crew is whole without a host/hostess!

They are the one who first and foremost keep your belly happy, cooking delicious breakfasts, light lunches, and delectable dinners!

There is of course a limited resource of kitchen attire, but with their creativity, you can be sure they will cook up a storm. An experienced hostess is trained in adaptability, finding original ways to serve something light and wholesome. When we design our trips, we sometimes like to pair the destination with the meal choice, and these surprise our guests in a nice way. Every hostess has a few culinary tricks up her sleeve she loves to deploy day after day.

On top of being a galley trickster, she is also an avid sailor, experienced in her own right and first mate to the captain. She will help with trimming the sails and the steering, as well as mooring assistance, both in ports and remote coves.

The hostess/host will also help to keep the boat clean, will cook according to current sanitation standards (as of 2020) and much much more. She will take on the roles of advisor, consoler, healer (hello tricks against sea sickness!) and story-teller! She / He really is a Jack of all trades after all.

Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew

You can recognize a good yachting crew by observing their professional communication, respect and helpfulness with one another. You can also observe this in how helpful they will both be with guests. They will assist with guidance and advice on board as well as on the shore, like advice on places to go, helping with bookings and coordination with our activity partners.

It’s definitely a 24-hour job for the crew. It might look like a grueling job at times but there are immense rewards. Their love of the salty life will keep calling them back to the sea, for them to share their experience and propagate their love for navigating the seas under sail.

And you as a guest can help in a big way! If the above behind-the-scenes look strikes a chord with you, you already have understood that on Jack & Jenny’s sailing boats, we love to be an ever-increasing community of experience sharers. We believe that on a sailing boat there will always be space for understanding, inclusivity, mutual sharing of knowledge, and quest for communal bliss. As the space we share is defined, we strive to only bring our loving energy to it. There is no space for prejudice and ego on a sailing yacht.

Competence, experience and passion make us proud to say that a Jack & Jenny crew is a good choice, based on what you have read above.

The only thing you can do now, is to (carefully) hop on a plane (or car, or train, or bus) and come join us to experience on your own, what we are passionate to share with you: our love of the sea, sailing passion and adventure seeking!

We hope to see you soon on board.