Sailing in Greece COVID-19 free with Jack & Jenny

We know it has been on your mind for quite some time now, so we decided to put it down in writing. A few weeks ago, we posted on our blog how we can make your dream vacation come true amid the coronavirus crisis. Not only do you have the opportunity to experience a sailing adventure from our trips’ galore, but you can also have the peace and quiet that a sailing yacht can offer, away from the crowd. Although, this may sound ideal to you, we at Jack & Jenny, don’t take your health lightly. For this reason, we have come up with a few standard practices to make sure that we take no chances jeopardizing your health at any moment during your trip.

We are following the instructions of the World Health Organization and those of the national health organization for precaution and action against the coronavirus. In this article, we are going to explain in detail our commitment in keeping you safe during your sailing trip.

Τhe question that most probably has been on your mind, “Can Jack & Jenny make my dream vacation come true amid the coronavirus crisis?”, can only be answered with a short phrase: “Your health is our top priority”.

In order to make sure that your sailing trip in Greece will be safe, we have attended health seminars specifically tailored to prevent the Covid-19 spread during your time at the yacht. We have also created a set of protocols concerning measures we should take on board the sailing yacht to make sure you are safe.

Let us see how:

Upon your arrival at the marina:

  1. Your skipper will make sure you disinfect your hands and shoes and will distribute you with your own personal face masks in case you don’t already own one.
  2. The skipper will measures your body temperature with a laser thermometer, which will be repeated on a daily basis. Needless to point out that the skipper is at all times on duty, concerning health matters and will keep doing so throughout your vacation time as per protocol.
  3. You are given a paper form in which you will be required to mention your recent medical history concerning traveling activity and coronavirus and related incidents that may have occurred to the best of your knowledge. (These forms, along with the temperature recordings, remain strictly confidential and may be used for the sole purpose of preventing and/or reacting to an unlikely COVID-19 occurrence on board)

On board:

  1. Your crew will conduct a safety briefing providing detailed written guidelines regarding coronavirus, prevention practices and coronavirus case management. Your cooperation on such important health issues will contribute to making the crew’s task a lot easier and safer to the benefit of all on board.
  2. The hostess takes the responsibility of preventing any unlikely contamination on the food supplies and kitchen. Your hostess, just like your skipper, will disinfect herself prior to boarding the sailing yacht and will make sure to change her attire to the on board one and will stay with this one at all times while on board. Your hostess will follow the same practice for all bags, food supplies and kitchenware that enter the sailing yacht. While processing, storing and cooking food, she will wear at all times single- use gloves which will be disposed of at the end of each session. Prior to your arrival, she will have checked to ensure that the storing facilities are properly sanitized and in good, working condition (fridge, freezer, stove and oven).

Every day after your boarding she will be implementing daily checks on cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen, along with its tools. There are strict protocols concerning the daily sanitizing practices on board so that they conform to the proper standards. The hostess subjects all supplies on board to strict checks to ensure they meet the high standards of acceptance. Regarding on board cooking, the hostess will make sure that any cutlery, plates, or kitchenware used has been property sanitized in advance. Again, she will be wearing her single- use gloves during the whole process of cooking and preparing your meals, making sure, that she doesn’t touch her face, mouth, nose, ears or hair while doing so.

You realize, of course, that your cooperation on such matters is as much valuable as her vigilance to her duty. To this end, you will be asked to refrain from spending time in the kitchen and always ask your hostess for what you desire and which she will immediately provide.

  1. In the unlikely event, of a coronavirus case on board, even though all the protocols have been followed, your crew is prepared and instructed to proceed with the disinfection practices for the rest of the crew and sailing yacht. At the same time we will remain in contact with the port and national health authorities for instructions on approaching the nearest port where medical assistance is more immediate. If you wish you can always ask your skipper for more details or refer yourself to the written instructions on board.

We hope you realize, now, that your health is our top priority. We are in fact committed to do our very best so that you can enjoy your vacation stress-free and healthy. All we need from you is your cooperation and the desire to enjoy your dream sailing holidays!

Keep safe, safer with us and sail to tell the story!