Sailing in Greece and our Code of Ethics: Sustainable Tourism

Nowhere else you are closer to nature than aboard a sailing yacht. Sailing makes you harness the wind, explore untamed locations and experience natural elements. If we wish to enjoy it for many years and generations to come, we must protect nature and its wondrous sceneries. The art of sailing makes you connect with nature and the natural elements. That’s why all the great sailors know that, with experiencing and enjoying everything that nature has to offer, certain obligations come along, in order to preserve it and keep it intact.

We, at Jack & Jenny, are aligned with UNWTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and we actively promote responsible and sustainable tourism. We aim to minimize the potentially negative impact on the environment in all our trips. We believe that wellness for people and the ecosystems are imperative in order to fully function.

Sailing in Greece and everywhere in the world, is dependent on the environment and by following a few simple rules of conduct when sailing, we can ensure that we have minimum negative impact on the environment. Therefore, as part of our corporate social responsibility and environmental management during our trips, we adopted 10 principles in our Code of Ethics. These Principles cover the economic, social, cultural and environmental components of traveling and tourism.

In this article we will look closely in our efforts to maximize the benefits to the environment and minimize the negative impact, as well as demonstrate an effective sustainable management.

Sailing Ethics towards Common Resources

We feel the need to safeguard the natural environment of the Greek islands we visit. We sail with a view to achieving sound, continuous and sustainable economic growth, geared to satisfying equitably the needs and aspirations of present and future generations.

The prospect of direct and personal access to the discovery and enjoyment of the planet’s resources constitutes a right equally open to all the world’s inhabitants. The increasingly extensive participation in national and international tourism should be regarded as one of the best possible expressions of the sustained growth of free time. No obstacles should be placed in its way.

Sailing Ethics towards Seasonality

We put a lot of effort to support “off-season” activities and trips, especially in the Cyclades and Dodecanese. Our hiking, climbing and biking trips are perfect for months like April, May and even November! We believe a more even distribution of holidays should be sought, so as to reduce the pressure of tourism activity on the environment. Moreover, we believe that those are the periods where one can appreciate the natural environment to its fullest.

Sailing Ethics Towards the Environment

Jack and Jenny’s trips and activities are designed and programmed to protect limited resources, in particular water and energy. We are working on increasingly avoiding as far as possible, waste production.

Propelled by the wind, leaving minimum footprint from fuel consumption. During our yachting trips we respect limited resources like water and electricity. We have established mindful consumption of both within our crew and we are equipping our yachts with solar and wind power.

How can you contribute during your yacht trip?

So, what should the rest of us be doing? As individuals, we can avoid overconsumption, reduce the use of plastics to the absolute minimum, influence others to change their behavior and promote sustainability.

Say bye to single use plastics

Our global plastic pollution problem is one that cannot be ignored. It is a huge issue but one that we can all help with. Crew members can identify all single- use plastic found onboard and seek out viable alternatives. The first and easiest step is to eliminate all plastic water bottles. The crew will also minimize the use of plastic straws and stirrers, replacing them with bamboo, paper or metal ones. Another reduction onboard in single - use plastic is reusable or biodegradable shopping bags. When it comes to food preparation and storage, we try to reduce the plastic, for example by replacing plastic wrap with beeswax food wrap alternatives.

We can stay up to date with every new idea and eco- friendly solution provided by numerous organizations globally and make the necessary adjustments to our everyday routines. That said, we participate in plastic collection, both on our sailing trips and also in targeted off-season collections in collaboration with organizations like Eco-tourism Greece.

Choose an Eco- Friendly yacht trip

Join us in recycling on board. We are separating bio-degradable from recyclable waste. We also support the Greek islands that have or are building on the appropriate recycling infrastructure. On board, we use neutral ph./zero waste shampoos & cleaning detergent.
 Did you know how fun is to wash fruits or even dishes in the sea? And we are proud to state upon visiting bays and beaches we leave them cleaner than before. All those are small steps that make a big difference in our harmful way of leaving.

You are what you eat

Improving the yacht’s environmental footprint encompasses all departments onboard, even the guests. We try to shop organically, locally and seasonal for all menus. When it comes to food waste, it is wasting not only money but natural resources and the best thing about this type of waste is we can reduce it by eating it.

Respect our Sea-Mates

Our trips and activities are designed and programmed in such a way as to protect the natural heritage composed of ecosystems and biodiversity and to preserve endangered species of wildlife.

We only admire and never hurt any protected or endangered fish species we meet during our sailing trip.

Sailing in Greece is sure to mesmerise you. Let’s make sure that it will be that way in order to let nature show its glorious beauty and let’s sail to tell the story, for many years to come!