10 essentials for sailing in Greece

So you’ve booked your sailing journey with us and a question arises: What should I pack?

Your daydream of sailing in Greece in the summer will soon become a reality. As you start planning what to wear for the laid-back sunset drinks on the deck, here are a few things that may help you to make your journey more practical and stress free.

First of all, you’ll want to travel light.

You are an adventurer, not a tourist and over packing is an inconvenience in a yachting trip. Think of packing a soft bag, one you can fold away in a cupboard. As sailors, we share a limited amount of space for a week, so think practical and keep it light.

Based on our experience from the countless sailing trips we’ve been, here are Jack & Jenny’s sailing boat essentials: 

1. Swimwear

For both sailing and splashing about, your swimsuit can be your round the clock outfit. So, pack a few you can interchange (for the ladies). You can also wear them with shorts and a white t-shirt for optimal sailing comfort in the sun, or throw a nice linen shirt on top for a sunset Aperitivo!

2. Footwear

For our trips with high sailing action, we advise you to bring a pair of shoes that will leave no marks on the deck: preferably with a white sole. These can be sport athletic sneakers for example or the classic “all-star” type. You will also need a pair of light footwear, like flip-flops for your afternoon strolls discovering the quaint Greek villages.Sometimes we anchor in bays with impressive rocks that you may want to go explore. You might want to pack swimming shoes that can help you explore the rugged landscape in a more comfortable manner.

3. Hat

A sailing adventure goes hand in hand with long exposure to the sun. To enjoy your trip fully, avoid sunstrokes by taking sun-protective measures. A cool compact hat does the trick. It protects you from getting dizzy in the sun, so you can enjoy gazing at the unending sea-horizon for hours on end.

4. Sunglasses

Hello sunnies! Pack your favourite sunglasses, preferably in a popping colour! For an added seamanship experience, choose polarised sunglasses. They offer a more relaxed, clear image to the eye. This helps not to tire your eyes too much.

5. Sunscreen & after sun cream

Did we say there is a LOT of sun in Greece while sailing? Your sunscreen will help you build a steady tan, day by day. And to keep that tan going, you need hydration of course, with a good after-sun lotion that is. Don’t forget to drink lots of water too! Perfect tan assured!

6. Beach towel / scarf or pareo

Island hopping goes with beach hopping. You will be diving from the deck all day every day, into the most beautiful waters of the Aegean. You need a beach-towel to accompany you in this splashy marathon! A good, light pareo also does the trick and can also be used as a handy cover-up!

7. Windproof jacket or hoodie 

While we are at sea, whether under sail or under anchor, weather conditions are always subject to change. This is why we sailors like to pack a nice comfy sailing jacket. A sailing jacket is characterized by its windproof and “weatherproof” outer layer. It keeps us from getting wet and cold, which is a no-no while on our sailing adventures. If you don’t have one, grab a light rain jacket or a hoodie. It can also double up as a warm layer for the sometimes-frisky nights when you are hanging out on the deck.

8. A great book

For a lazy afternoon while you seclude yourself for a bit of peace and quiet, bring a book with you. You can always find a cosy corner on a sailing boat to make it your reading nook. Grab a book that inspires you and read a bit every day. We love stories of sea travel like “The Long Way” one of our favourites, by the legendary Bernard Moitessier. It’s the story of his lone voyage during one of the most epic sailing races there ever was.

9. Cash (Euros)

You can use a bank card in many of the destinations we visit, but it is always good to have cash with you, when you travel around the Greek islands. Some islands don’t have cashpoints and in some secluded locations it will be impossible to use a card.

10. Your good mood!

We will be sharing our space and our time together. As an experience, this can be something very rewarding. On a sailing boat you get to really know people in a complex way. This is why it is important to bring your best energy to the trip. As one of our captains rightly says: “Part of the ship, part of the crew!” We have seen wonderful new friendships blossom and others deepen. A week on a sailing boat really does wonders for those who bring their best selves on deck!

These are our absolute essentials to begin every Jack & Jenny sailing trip. If you have your own essentials and would like to share them with us, or need more help and advice for your packing, feel free to drop us an email!

Linen and towels are provided on board; consider bringing a sleeping bag if you desire to sleep on deck or on the beach under the stars. 
Last, but not least: feel free to bring music in any kind of form.

Happy packing!